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the fleisher art memorial wind challenge exhibition consisted of 13 large scale multiple block woodcuts
Fleisher Wind Challenge 3

Depicted from left to right on the left wall:
1. Directional Spark Field
2. Cyclical Fusion
3. Gradual Metamorphosis

Depicted from left to right on the right wall is the group of prints entitled:
Scenes From An Energy Conversion
Each of the six connecting prints has its own title:
4. Initial Pod
5. Hypostomic
6. Book Gills
7.Inhibition at the Membrane
8.Distal Segment
9.Quiet Smoke

The prints are inspired by the organic, from biology and chemistry to physics. I see the organic forms depicted as things that could actually exist in our reality but are juxtaposed, stylized, and magnified so that they become alien and ambiguous. In actuality they are created from nothing specific in nature, but can easily reference many organic forms and enerigies. The titles given to the work reflect possibilities for explanation, but the mysteries are solved by the viewer and his or her associations to the work.